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Friday, January 13, 2006

Real estate transactions are overpriced

Why should a seller get hit with a 5%-6% commission when selling real estate? That really digs into the net result.

There are many ways to reduce this down to a flat fee (sometimes less than 1%) or at least get the commission rate down.

Help-U-Sell -- Low flat fee broker (I personally had a pleasant experience with them)
Assist-2-Sale -- Low flat fee broker
Hungry Agents -- Like LendingTree but with agents bidding down for business
Zip Realty -- "25% discount"
House Rebate -- Get part of the commission back

In the future, low flat fees should be normal to the business. High commissions should be considered robbery avocated by NAR, CAR, and other realty groups.

Think back when trading stocks on the stock market was a very pricy venture. The rates would be considered obsurd. One business really has the flat fee idea nailed down. That is Scottrade. Help-U-Sell and/or Assist-2-Sale are leading the way to acceptable fee levels in the housing market.


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