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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Too easy to find properties in trouble in Santa Rosa, CA

I was just browsing redfin.com and found that more than half of the houses listed in a few areas of Santa Rosa, CA were losing a lot of money. A chunk of them have been listed for over 90 days. Most of the ones that were not in trouble didn't have sales records, so who knows what the case is.

LinkPeak Sale DatePeak Sale PriceCurrent Asking PriceMoney Lost
1347 Peterson Ln08/11/2005$615,000$399,000$216,000
4048 Match Point Ave12/30/2005$610,000$395,000$215,000
4036 Louis Krohn Dr06/07/2005$639,000$435,000$214,000
2955 Sunny Wood Cir01/10/2006$649,000$450,000$199,000
2613 Rosevine Ln05/30/2006$637,000$449,900$187,100
1232 Lombardi Ln08/31/2005$540,000$359,000$181,000
3915 Deuce Dr11/30/2005$625,000$445,000$180,000
4240 Quimby St11/03/2005$560,000$389,000$171,000
2545 Kally Ct05/02/2006$446,000$279,000$167,000
1516 Mayflower Pl09/09/2005$575,000$415,000$160,000
3916 Hogan Ave05/24/2006$650,000$499,000$151,000
3981 Louis Krohn Dr07/26/2006$577,000$429,900$147,100
4044 New Zealand Ave05/31/2006$675,000$529,900$145,100
2526 Edgewater Dr03/23/2006$680,000$545,000$135,000
1305 Lombardi Ln06/30/2006$465,000$365,000$100,000
4046 Louis Krohn Dr11/14/2006$565,000$465,000$100,000
4050 Louis Krohn Dr01/25/2006$585,000$500,000$85,000
1524 Pinebrook Pl05/20/2005$415,000$325,000$90,000
1551 Pinebrook Pl06/30/2004$350,000$284,900$65,100


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