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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bush's six year plan

Even though Bush only has two years left in office, he is touting a six year plan. Over that time, he is confident that America will reduce their dependence on Middle East oil by 75%.

Bush has said a lot of things that never come true. Iraq possesses WMDs, US government will reduce its deficit, the war will only cost $2 billion, etc. His credibility is so bad that you can almost assume the opposite will happen. In six years when our dependence on foreign oil has never been higher, he will just blame the current presidence's actions as he has never accepted personal responsibility.

If the plan is successful, it presents a new problem. One of the few reasons why USD is the world's reserve currency is because Middle East oil can only be purchased with PetroDollar (excluding oil for food). If USD loses it stance as the world's reserve currency, ... everything will change.

However, Bush's new plan is the first policy I have agreed with.


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